Fraud and Financial Crime Allegations in South Texas

The mere whisper of criminal deception can cause ripples of damage. An actual conviction may mean prison and ruin. If you have been indicted for fraud, or if law enforcement is asking questions, The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, offers skilled and discreet advocacy to avert prosecution or shield you from the harshest consequences.

Our legal team includes two former Assistant U.S. Attorneys who spent years prosecuting every type of fraud before applying their knowledge and talents in criminal defense of the same charges. Contact us today if you or your company is the target of a fraud investigation.

Houston Fraud Defense Attorneys

Our clients include medical professionals, business owners, corporate executives, investment brokers, real estate agents and other individuals of accused of fraud and conspiracies to defraud. We also defend corporate entities in criminal and civil fraud prosecutions, and provide proactive internal investigation services when there are rumors of fraud before formal indictments.

Based in Houston, The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, takes cases nationwide and across Texas, including Harris County, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and the Brownsville/McAllen/Harlingen corridor. We have experience in the defense of:

  • Wire fraud and mail fraud — Use of the U.S. mail or electronic media (wire transfer, telephone/cell phone, e-mail/texting) in the furtherance of a scheme to defraud
  • Securities fraud — Misrepresentation, insider trading, churning, pump and dump schemes, kickbacks
  • Immigration and identification document fraud — Fake IDs, forged immigration papers, stolen identity, marriage fraud
  • Tax fraud — Tax evasion, illegal tax shelters, false returns, undeclared income
  • Insurance fraud — Phony claims for injury, medical care, disability, property damage
  • Mortgage and bank fraud — Straw purchase, Ponzi schemes, doctored documents
  • Health care fraud — Billing fraud by medical providers and DME companies

We have also defended clients on charges of corporate embezzlement, breach of fiduciary duty, credit card fraud, forgery and other forms of fraud, false claims, and misappropriation.

Former Prosecutors Who Can Make the Government Reconsider

Founding attorney Eric Reed has served for many years as Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Texas. His white collar criminal defense practice is predicated on the specific knowledge and courtroom skills they acquired on the government's side of these cases. He knows how the prosecution builds its case and thus how to find the weaknesses. Perhaps most importantly, he knows how to intervene before the grand jury indictment, arrest warrants and raids.

Criminal intent is the ripest ground for changing the government's mind about fraud. Investigators who have been living and breathing the case for months have never been objectively challenged. We break apart their paradigm to offer alternative explanations to show that no crime occurred or there was no intent to defraud.

In a real life example, the prosecution's case hinged in part on surveillance of a dentist's office: patients often entered through the front door and left the back way. We demonstrated that it was common practice — not sinister intent — to shield nervous patients in the waiting room from the pained expressions of others who had just had their wisdom teeth pulled!

By putting the evidence through a rigorous analysis and pointing out the flaws in the prosecution's conclusions, we aim to preempt formal charges or convince the prosecutor to drop the case. If the prosecution sticks to its guns, our lawyers are absolutely prepared to fight it out at trial.

South Texas Securities and Mortgage Fraud Attorneys

The earlier we get involved, the better we are able to protect everything that you have at stake. Call 713-600-1800 to arrange a confidential consultation.