Medicare And Medicare Fraud

Formal charges of Medicare or Medicaid fraud can spell disaster for health care providers. Once made public, fraud allegations often destroy the provider's reputation. They also frequently lead to revocation of professional licenses as well as harsh criminal penalties, potentially including a lengthy prison sentence.

In Medicare/Medicaid fraud cases, as in other types of fraud cases, much of the battle is often won or lost before public charges are even filed. The pre-indictment investigation stage is a critical field for addressing and challenging the allegations. A strong defensive strategy at this point can avert or mitigate crippling formal charges.

A Former Prosecutor | Nearly 20 Years Of Experience

At The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, we defend health care providers who are under investigation or facing charges for Medicare/Medicaid fraud. Our clients include doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, home health care businesses, nursing home companies, durable medical equipment providers and others in the health care industry.

Defense lawyer Eric Reed has nearly 20 years of experience. Before starting the practice, he served for a decade as a federal prosecutor, leading numerous investigations and prosecutions into complex fraud-related matters. He now applies the skills and knowledge he gained to develop successful, proactive strategies for clients.

Types Of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Medicare/Medicaid fraud encompasses a broad range of practices and conduct, including:

  • Overbilling, unbundling or double billing
  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Billing and coding problems ("upcoding")
  • Improperly compensating marketers
  • Unlawful business arrangements in medical practices
  • Anti-kickback violations
  • Unlawful self-referrals (Stark Law violations)

When allegations arise regarding any form of allegedly fraudulent conduct, a swift defense is important. Attorney Reed is skilled at quickly engaging the prosecution to address issues, correct misconceptions and employ strong defensive strategies.

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