Qui Tam & Whistleblower Claims

South Texas Whistleblower Attorneys

The Reed Law Firm helps corporate clients root out wrongdoing by rogue employees. When the corruption goes higher up the chain, we also represent employees who expose fraud and criminal activity in whistleblower lawsuits.

We have extensive experience with Qui Tam actions against corporations. If you know your company is dirty and want to do the right thing, contact our Houston firm. We handle whistleblower litigation in South Texas, from Harris County to Bexar County and the Rio Grande corridor.

Houston Qui Tam Attorneys

Qui Tam actions apply to practices that are illegal under the federal False Claims Act, such as health care billing fraud, contract rigging and other conspiracies to defraud the U.S. government. In a Qui Tam lawsuit, the first whistleblower who comes forward with evidence of an employer's fraud against the government is entitled to a significant share of any money recovered in the prosecution.

We represent the relator (whistleblowing employee or former employee) in filing the Qui Tam action and approaching federal law enforcement to disclose what he or she knows. The investigation and the relator's involvement in the lawsuit are secret until the government decides to prosecute. Whether or not the government prosecutes criminally, the relator is entitled to recover up to 25 percent of any civil judgment.

Internal Investigations • Whistleblower Retaliation Defense
Reed Law Firm is primarily known as a defense firm. We conduct internal investigations at the direction of corporate boards to ferret out activity that would expose the company to a Qui Tam lawsuit or other criminal or civil prosecution. We also defend owners, executives and corporate entities sued for retaliatory discharge or other backlash against a whistleblower. Arrange a consultation today.

Founding attorney Eric Reed is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who spent 10 years prosecuting all types of fraud, including cases under the False Claims Act. He can help clients gather the necessary evidence to bring a credible Qui Tam action.

Remember, only the first whistleblower is entitled to a Qui Tam recovery. If you have knowledge of an employer's fraudulent activity, call 713-600-1800 to arrange a confidential consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.