White Collar Crimes Attorney

At The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, we provide proactive representation in complex white collar crime cases. Lawyer Eric Reed is a former federal prosecutor with nearly 20 years of legal experience. He applies firsthand insights and in-depth knowledge to develop winning strategies for clients.

Our firm provides discreet and privacy-sensitive representation for a broad range of white collar crimes and related matters at both the state and federal levels, including:

  • Pre-indictment investigations: As a federal prosecutor, Mr. Reed led numerous white collar crime investigations and prosecutions. As a defense attorney, he has successfully averted prosecution through vigorous defensive strategies at the pre-indictment stage.
  • Internal investigations: We assist corporations, businesses, boards of directors, committees and other organizations with all aspects of conducting internal investigations.
  • Drug crimes: Mr. Reed handles all types of state and federal drug crimes and related charges, including drug trafficking, conspiracy charges, money laundering and asset forfeiture.
  • OFAC matters: We assist individuals and businesses with unfreezing their assets and achieving removal from the blacklists maintained by the U.S. Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control.
  • Expungement and nondisclosure orders: Mr. Reed represents clients seeking expungement or nondisclosure (sealing) of criminal records. He can analyze whether you are eligible for such relief and guide you through the process.
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations: We provide experienced representation for corporate officers, employees or businesses charged with violating provisions of the FCPA, including allegations of bribing foreign officials and unlawful trade practices.
  • Trading with the enemy (IEEPA) violations: Mr. Reed represents businesses that are under investigation or have been indicted for violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) as a result of overseas transactions.
  • Representation of public officials: We provide strategic and comprehensive defense for elected and appointed officials charged with illegal conduct, including bribery, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, and other state or federal charges.
  • Environmental violations: Mr. Reed handles all aspects of environmental violations — including civil, administrative and criminal proceedings — on behalf of businesses and individuals.
  • Fraud offenses: We offer comprehensive representation in all types of fraud cases.

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To arrange a consultation with white collar crimes defense attorney Eric Reed, contact us online or call 713-600-1800. Our firm has office in Houston. We serve clients throughout the state and nationwide.

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