Drug Crimes

South Texas Drug Conspiracy Defense Attorneys

The federal government comes down hard and swift once it decides to move into the prosecution phase of drug crimes. After a long and complicated investigation, the arrests and seizures happen quickly and many people are caught up in the net.

Our criminal defense lawyers are intimately familiar with how drug stings play out because they are former Assistant U.S. Attorneys who once coordinated and prosecuted hundreds of these cases.

If you are the subject of federal drug indictments, or if you suspect that the government is building a case against you, it is imperative to hire legal counsel immediately. Talking to investigators without the advice of an attorney will come back to bite you, and you have to assume that investigators are already targeting or talking to your family, business associates and anyone they believe is a co-conspirator or potential prosecution witness.

Houston Federal Drug Charge Attorneys

The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, provides experienced defense for federal drug charges. Based in Harris County, we take cases nationwide and throughout Texas, including Houston, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley.

We have defended individuals of all walks of life caught up in federal and state drug prosecutions. We handle all federal criminal proceedings and related civil prosecutions:

  • Drug trafficking or drug smuggling charges
  • Criminal conspiracy charges
  • Allegations of money laundering
  • Civil asset forfeiture
  • Extradition to the U.S.

Drug prosecutions can very traumatic. Everything moves quickly. In addition to the threat of a long prison term, you may have to contend with seizure of your assets or indictment of family members. It is critical to involve a lawyer at the earliest opportunity to protect your rights and get the prosecution to back off.

Complex Drug Crime Defense

To connect large quantities of drugs or money to the accused, federal law enforcement relies on wiretaps, surveillance, informants and sting operations involving multiple agencies. Founding attorney Eric Reed spent 10 years as a federal prosecutor in South Texas, including many prosecutions of drug trafficking and conspiracy. His familiarity with the complexities of these investigations enables him to tear at the threads holding the case together. We examine the legality of search warrants, the credibility and ulterior motives of informants and witnesses, and all possible defenses.

The Reed Law Firm has successfully challenged drug charges and related charges of money laundering, conspiracy and wire fraud. We have successfully challenged asset forfeiture to force the government to return property seized as illicit gains of trading in drugs. From motions to suppress to plea negotiations to representation at trial, we have the background in drug prosecutions to position our clients for a favorable outcome.

The earlier we get involved, the more we can do to protect you, your family and your assets. Call 713-600-1800 to arrange a confidential consultation.