Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking and conspiracy charges are felonies that carry weighty penalties. State and federal prosecutors take such cases extremely seriously. They spare no effort in launching the strongest possible case against those suspected of being involved.

Understanding The Charges

Drug trafficking refers to the sale or distribution of illicit substances, including illegal prescriptions. State and federal drug trafficking laws are complex. The type of charge — and the potential sentence — usually depends on the type and amount of substance involved as well as the criminal history of the accused.

Under federal law, drug conspiracy charges can be leveled against two or more people who agreed and planned to distribute or traffic in drugs, even if those plans were never carried out to completion. You can be charged with drug conspiracy even if you never possessed drugs. It is sufficient that the state can prove you took some overt action in furtherance of the conspiracy.

Trafficking and conspiracy charges often encompass multiple counts. They pose ramifications far beyond a potential loss of freedom. You could face civil asset forfeiture of any property connected with the crime. You may also face related charges for money laundering, a separate crime bearing its own range of additional consequences.

Proactive Strategies | A Diligent Defense

A swift and thorough defense is critical in complex drug crime cases. Attorney Eric Reed at The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, provides proactive representation for those facing drug charges and other types of white collar crimes.

As a former federal prosecutor with nearly 20 years of legal experience, Mr. Reed possesses a wealth of knowledge and firsthand insight. He successfully led and prosecuted hundreds of drug cases in his role as an assistant U.S. attorney for South Texas. Today, he applies those skills and insights to develop winning strategies for his clients.

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Our firm values clients' privacy. We handle high-stakes cases with the utmost of discretion and confidentiality.

Clients count on us for thorough legal analysis and in-depth investigation. We explore all possible avenues for achieving a favorable outcome while striving to preserve our clients' reputations.

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