Houston Money Laundering And Asset Forfeiture

High-stakes drug crimes often lead to a web of interrelated charges ranging from trafficking and conspiracy to money laundering. Drug charges also carry a broad range of consequences. State and federal agencies often pursue confiscating money and property through civil asset forfeiture.

Money Laundering

While money laundering is often related to underlying drug crimes, it constitutes a separate crime under federal and state law. The legal definition of money laundering is fairly broad. It encompasses any type of activity to conceal the source, identity and illicit nature of funds that were illegally obtained.

Money laundering can take many forms. It includes efforts such as setting up offshore accounts and shell companies to hide funds. Under Texas law, the state does not need to prove that you knew the exact nature of the criminal activity giving rise to the illegal profits. The prosecutor only needs to prove that you knew the money came from an illegal source.

A conviction for money laundering is a felony. Depending on the amount of currency involved, you could face serious penalties, including prison time ranging from five to 30 years.

Asset Forfeiture

Drug crimes — including conspiracy and trafficking charges — cause a ripple effect of consequences. In addition to facing criminal charges, you can also face asset forfeiture, a separate civil process.

Various state and federal law enforcement agencies have the power to pursue forfeiture of assets connected with criminal activity. They can potentially obtain permanent ownership of numerous types of property, including illegally obtained funds as well as your car and even your home.

Legal representation is just as critical in the civil forfeiture case as it is in your criminal case.

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