Environmental Violations

South Texas Defense Attorneys for Adverse Enforcement Actions

Environmental laws are enforced by multiple layers of local, state and federal law enforcement. If your company is accused of environmental violations, it is critical to hire knowledgeable legal counsel to respond to the allegations and navigate you through the complexities of the investigation.

The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, offers experienced counsel and defense in environmental law. Our legal team includes two former Assistant U.S. Attorneys who are intimately familiar with the letter of the law and the way these cases are resolved and litigated. We represent small businesses and medium-sized corporations throughout South Texas, from Houston and Corpus Christi to San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

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Houston Environmental Violation Attorneys

We have represented clients in every industry subject to environmental regulation, from oil and gas companies and manufacturers to shipping companies and commercial fishing operations. We have defended clients on alleged violations of federal or state environmental regulations, including:

  • The Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act
  • The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Solid Waste Disposal Act
  • Fishing and wildlife offenses (illegal harvesting, disturbing protected habitat, etc.)

We are prepared to represent corporate clients on all levels of criminal, civil and administrative proceedings: executives or key employees facing prison time for intentional acts, massive fines against the company for violations, and sanctions relating to licensing, permits, government contracts and other facets of continued operation.

Former Prosecutors Who Can Cut Through the Red Tape

Veteran trial lawyer Eric Reed served for many years as Assistant U.S. Attorney. Having prosecuted environmental violations, they are uniquely qualified to defend them. One major advantage is our familiarity with law enforcement agencies at all levels and even private environmental watchdog groups. We have many contacts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), U.S. Fish & Wildlife, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, the Department of Agriculture (USDA), and in local police and sheriff's departments.

Mr. Reed is often able to reach the investigators in charge of the case to engage in direct and discreet discussions of the alleged environmental abuses. Many times we are able to convince authorities that the violations were accidental and an aberration rather deliberate and systematic. We have also conducted internal investigations for clients to identify a rogue manager responsible for illegal dumping or other intentional acts. Through early intervention, we hope to avoid criminal indictments, civil prosecutions and the adverse publicity, and to resolve the case favorably, including non-prosecution or substantially reduced fines.

South Texas EPA Investigation Attorneys

We urge you to contact us if you even suspect your company is under investigation for environmental violations. Call 713-600-1800 to arrange a confidential consultation.