Representation Of Public Officials

Defending Public Officials in South Texas on Bribery and Related Charges

Elected and appointed officials often get conflicting information about what is acceptable in terms of gifts and campaign contributions, expenses and per diems, conflicts of interest and other dilemmas of public office. If the activity is construed by government watchdogs as bribery, theft of public funds or other criminal acts, it can lead to incarceration, removal from office and the end of political aspirations.

The Reed Law Firm, PLLC, in Houston provides skilled and discreet representation to public officials accused of corruption. We know that the mere rumor of corruption is as damaging as a conviction. Our goal is early intervention to avert a formal indictment and the public scandal, but we can offer a vigorous defense at trial when all avenues for a private resolution are exhausted.

We represent legislators, local government officials, heads of public agencies and other office holders in South Texas, from Harris County and San Antonio to Corpus Christi and Brownsville.

Houston Public Corruption Attorneys

Our accomplished defense team includes two former federal prosecutors who have broad experience in white collar criminal defense. We have handled the full spectrum of allegations against local, state and even federal public officials:

  • Bribery or kickbacks
  • Embezzlement or misuse of public funds
  • Fraud (bid rigging, election fraud, etc.)
  • Extortion (Hobbs Act)
  • Conspiracy (RICO)
  • Depriving the public of honest services

Our clients range from newly elected officials to longtime public servants who are caught up in corruption investigations. Many clients trigger bribery investigations simply by accepting gifts from constituents. Often, the client has received the OK from local regulators only to be targeted by federal authorities on suspicion of influence peddling. We intervene to prove to prosecutors that our client innocently violated ambiguous rules and that our client did not reciprocate with any quid pro quo benefit or promise of special treatment.

South Texas Bribery and Extortion Defense Attorney

We understand that your livelihood and your good name are at stake. We perform pre-indictment explorations with respect to the integrity and privacy of our clients and make every effort to keep the investigation confidential, but we are ready to go to trial if necessary. Call 713-600-1800 to arrange a confidential consultation with one of our lawyers.